Who is Family First?

The Family First service was established in 2018 to support families in Jersey who have to go off island with their child for treatment.

The service was established by The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation in collaberation with The Jersey Community Partnership.

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What we do & why come to us?

Family First provide support to families of children in Jersey with illnesses who require off-Island treatment. We are a professional service providing practical support and help in locating resources, services and funding provided by government and voluntary organisations.

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Travelling: How can we help?

Family First can help source information regarding travel and accomodation in the U.K as well as sourcing funding from voluntary organisations for travelling and other expenses that may arise whilst your child is receiving treatment. Family first also act as a point of call in Jersey whilst your family is in the U.K., to offer emotional support. Find out more about how we can help.

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